Upperton Road was a great plot for loads of reasons. I think I first painted that spot with DERT. Later me and YOBS would go there a fair bit as there were small little plots to paint if you didn’t have much paint. I’d rack a couple of tins of Hycotes from B and S Discount and we’d head there. On the great central itself BIRO had a massive massive chrome piece which I’ll always remember. It was a bit of a grimy place at night, always something going on but I’ve got good memories of the place. The walls weren’t particularly great really, little bits jutting out but it was a good place to chill and paint whatever the weather as it was undercover and you never got any hassle there. I remember one night being out and having nowhere to stay so I headed down there for a sleep. There were always homeless people sleeping there but everyone was always cool, everyone was just getting out of the way to do their thing.


I was really gutted when it got demolished and they developed it. These places can feel like the real heart of the city when they mean something to you. Every time you lose a plot like that it feels like you lose a bit of what built you. But cities move forward and times are never what they were. That was a time when you met writers by painting and bumping into them rather than hooking up online, it was a really underground world and it felt special. If you heard someone had painted a new piece you’d head down to see it in person and get a flick for your own collection if it was nice. It’s a different world now, much easier to fall into but it’s still writing and as long as you have heart it’s all that matters. Upperton Road was great but the plots in town now are endless. I wonder if I’d still paint this place if it still existed now. Nostalgia can make places seem better than they were. It was a good place at the time and holds some good memories