In May of 1989, my brother Tony and I and three other friends were involved in a car crash, which resulted tragically in the loss of  Tonys life. This impacted us massively. This was around the time when most of us around the St Marks area were heavily into graffiti so we decided to do a big piece in memory of Tony as he was well known, liked and loved by us all. 


We decided to do the piece at the “Belgrave Adventure Playground,” due to the size of which we wanted the wall to paint. We had already started using this site for previous pieces as it had become a legal spot for graffiti. The Tony c piece took GRIFF/ARTISM , PICZ/THRET , and myself a couple of days to complete, due to the size of the wall. This piece meant a lot to us all for obvious reasons. It attracted the attention of the “Leicester Mercury,” and they ran an article on it. The piece itself stood the test of time and was there for twenty two years without any other  writers ever going over it to show respect. In 2011 the adventure playground was demolished to make way for a Health Centre. The site manager involved in the building of the new centre noticed the remains of the piece on the wall and contacted the Mercury, asking who Tony was and who had painted the piece because they wanted to preserve it due to its length of time and history. I got in touch with the site manager and he asked if I’Dd be interested in doing a repaint of it on a smaller scale to remain there on what is now the car park wall of the health centre. I got hold of a couple of writers who were still active, (EMPTY, and SAKER) and we repainted a fresh version in memory of my brother. To this day the repaint is still there in its original spot.