HOMBRE Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is HOMBRE and what crews do you represent? What’s your background?

I started graff in the mid 90s in Mannheim/germany super inspired by the all time champs like CAN2, MODE2 or TOAST, but of course we had our heroes as well. KANE, GISMO and NOSE are just a few names. my introduction into graffiti was really classic. youth center and bboy jams. so im very proud to represent TRUE ROKIN SOUL, a collective, built of dancers, DJs and writers. Next to STICK UP KIDS of course, which is the crew who represented and forever will represent the essence of the graff I love. These guys were already the board of directors before I even used my very first can and I’m proud to be a part of this circle every single day


You have a very distinguishable almost digital drawing looking style. How did you arrive at this?

When I studied graphic design I started to use computers for the very first time. I fell in love with vectors, and from the very beginning my graff influenced my graphic design a lot and the workflow and look of the computer work influenced my graff as well. The advantages of painting legal is a lot of time, paint and light so you should use it and give always 100%.


What inspires you? Who are your influences?

I was always inspired by the Saturday morning cartoons. comics cartoons and video games.  These are still my favorites: Earthworm Jim, Ninja Turtles, Sonic or Ren and Stimpy. 

Next to this it’s of course my everyday surroundings. fashion, people, whatever. I then started to get my tattoos many years ago, my character get tattoos as well. After my son was born I painted much more kids as well –  you are always a mirror of your world


Do you have a favourite memory in graffiti? Maybe a wall or experience?

I think traveling is for most of us the most remarkable memory. Graffiti brought me to places and people I never would have met without. I’m really thankful to share time and experiences, even friendships with artists and great human beings all over the world 


You’ve painted at Bring The Paint twice now. As a European artist with a thriving graffiti culture what was your experience of Leicester like? 

The phrase ‘keeping it real’ is matching perfect! BTP really understood how to build a professional AND authentic festive. The right names, big or small on the flyer, creating a comfort zone without getting too weird. It’s always a big difference if somebody organizes a festival coming out of this scene. Knowing what you want and need as an artist. a shower and some retreat opportunities, some good food in good company. Time to focus on your work, combined with a helping hand whenever you need it made it perfect.


How do you find graffiti festivals impact on the culture of a city?

It’s always a symbol that the city is willing to see the value of this art and that they are willing to offer the option to shape your city a little bit.


Your visits to Leicester had a two year gap between them. Did you find any differences in the public response to the artwork the second time around?

I was already very happy to get only positive feedback 2 years ago. this time I painted a little bit outside, and a few people told me it was one of the ‘worse’ neighborhoods. That’s something I’m always in love with. Like I hoped I get much more into contact with the people over there. Ate some pineapple with the workers of the printing company who’s wall I painted. Made some selfies with the bandana motocross biker, and so on. It feels really honest and warm.


What are your plans for the future?

I’m way beyond anything I could imagine when i started graff. I travel the world. I’m able to pay my bills and feed my little boy with graffiti. I’m not going to plan, I’m going to just keep on doing what I do when I do what I do 🙂

Let’s see what’s next.