Over recent years Leicester has seen a public interest in street art rise considerably. Events such as Bring The Paint Festival alongside the opening of a dedicated street art centre have brought international attention to a city rich in heritage. Artists such as ARTISm, CAPER, MAIHEM and RACEE set a regional style for future generations whilst visiting international artists have both supported an existing legacy and inspired new generations of artists and fans alike.
This guide covers not only the key sites that are worth visiting throughout the city but also serves as a documentation of the city as it currently stands within a visual landscape that is constantly being redefined. Broken into zones we hope this guide offers a section by section account of what there is to see.
In addition all the sites that are legal spray sites at the time of going to press are detailed with information about parking and the sorts of works you can expect. These sites offer a platform for local and visiting artists to practice and showcase their skills within an accommodating environment.
Towards the rear of this guide we pay attention to places and pieces of historical significance within the local culture. These sites, pieces and artists are key to contextualising the current scene and will continue to be spoken of as archives are handed down the generations.
Overall we hope this guide provides an insight into the ever developing street art culture within the city of Leicester. Enjoy.